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Entering 2015

2014 has come to a close and the doors to 2015 have opened. So many great things have happened for me this year, and it feels like the year has flown by - pretty sure I say that at the end of every year but oh well.

Here are my top 3 highlights of this year;

Going on holiday with my boyfriend, George, to Gran Canaria. We had the best week of our lives exploring and tanning.

Waking up to this view everyday was bliss.

We walked down around 800 stairs to get to this beach!


The best summer job - and meeting a great friend called Petra. Petra is from Slovenia and worked at the same place as me summer 2014. Our job allowed us to take part in so many fun things - for example, going to the cinema, London, and (badly) rowing a boat around a lake. Petra does come back to England to visit, and i've managed to see her twice since the summer which is great!

Moving to Southampton to start the next chapter in my life -

The day my family came to visit for the first time.

This year I spent new years eve with my boyfriend and his family. We decided to stay in, have a glass of champagne, and watch the countdown on TV. It's during this time that I also write a list of my new years resolutions.

George's step dad really got into the 'relaxation' thing.

It's worth looking like an Avatar for half hour when your skin turns out so smooth!

I remember when I was younger, from as young as 10, writing un realistic new years resolutions and (obviously) not sticking to them. This year I have decided on 8. I find new years resolutions personal goals, and that's why I keep them to myself. I hope to be a better person in 2015, and try to live as though every day as my last. I will try to cry less and appreciate the good. Happy new year everyone, hope 2015 is even better than last year!

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