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5 Lipsticks I'm wearing this Autumn

As the colder months have begun to come in, I've found myself making more effort with my makeup. It's probably because there's not the problem of the 30-degree heat melting it all off. For today's post, I've included the top 5 lip colours I've been reaching for this week. I've also linked to where you can buy them where possible!

Poland in pictures

At the beginning of September, I went to visit my friend Magda in Poland. We began in Gdansk and finished in Warsaw. I didn't take my Canon with me but I did capture some photos on my iPhone. I was reminiscing today and decided to share these pictures with you all. Poland was such an amazing country - every single building was so beautiful and I was sad to leave. Hopefully, I can visit again at some point. Enjoy! [ALSO, I made a little vlog during my time there, check it out here]
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