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Thought I'd do a haul blog post today. I've purchased a few things over the past month or so, and here they are!

Sekonda Watch 
I used to have a gold Topshop watch that I got in the sale for about £6. Sadly the battery ran out about 2 weeks ago, and I felt like it was time for a new watch. I was bought a Pandora bracelet a few years ago which is silver, and I always felt that my gold watch looked so odd next to it. So, I decided to go for silver this time. This one was from Argos, and you can but it here:  

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation
I'm a bit of a foundation hoarder. I own about 7 different foundations and rotate my way through them. I've read/heard reviews of this foundation and had to give it a try! I got matched by a makeup artist to make sure I didn't pick a shade that would make me look like a ghost or a fake tan disaster. I was matched as the shade Shell. I could go into detail about how great it is, but I think I might save that for a review post! You can buy it here:

I drink tea pretty much all day everyday - especially when the weather is crappy. I realised how much money I was spending on buying tea/coffee at uni, so decided to but a travel mug, make it at home, and take it with me. This travel mug from Costa was only £3 which I think is a bargain. It's pretty much leak proof too which is fab. You can buy it form your local Costa!

Lastly I have 2 pairs of shoes. The black dolly shoes are from Primark and were £5 and the Green shoes were from H & M. and were priced at £7.99. Unfortunately you can't buy items from Primarks website, and I can't seem to find the green shoes on H&M's website! Such a pain. But I'm sure you could find both in your local Primark and H&M. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Bye for now, Lauren x


Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!
Today I'm blogging about three amazing ladies. My mum, Nonna, and Nanna.

My mum is the most amazing woman. She is my number one supporter and is there for me 24/7.
I hope one day I can be a mum as great as her.
I love you mum!xxxx

 My Nonna is one of the kindest women i've ever met, and she's an amazing cook/baker. I never leave her house hungry. I feel so happy that I see her as often as I do.

Although my Nanna isn't with us this mothers day, she's in our thoughts and in our hearts. Such a brave and amazing woman.

Hope everyone has had a lovely day spoiling their lovely mums. Make sure your mum feels loved, not only today but every day!

Bye for now, Lauren xx
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