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Hello everyone! Hope you are all well. Today I've got a blog post on what I find to be cabin crew essentials. I've been flying for almost a year now and over that time I have found there are certain things that I cannot live without on my working days. I have also included links to products I've mentioned so it's easy for you to purchase them if you want to :)

1) Comfy shoes to drive in
After a long day at work on your feet, and after taking those heels off, it's nice to have something more comfortable to wear. During training, a friend suggested that I had comfy shoes to wear for the drive to/from work and they've been a lifesaver. I wear the fluffiest memory foam slipper type shoes when I drive. Make sure to wear ones that are safe to drive-in so you're not breaking the law - so maybe not flip flops. Trust me, your feet will thank you on the drive home - especially if you commute.

2) A reusable liquids bag
I used to use the thin plastic bags provided by the airport for my liquids but after a week of short-haul they would just rip and it felt like a waste of plastic. Someone on Instagram messaged me and suggested buying a reusable one from Superdrug. I've had it for about 4 months now and it's doing fab.  I always carry one of the airport bags just in case I get someone in security query it (even though it's the right dimensions). I bought the set of three, and use the medium one for my liquids. They're a set of 3 but I use all 3 for my travels in one way or another - the smallest one is great for keeping all your cables in!

3) A reusable water bottle
 It's so so important to stay hydrated when you're on and off the plane, and we always make sure we drink lots of water at work (when we get time!). The only issue is, it's hard to know who's bottle of water is whos when they all look the same. I always just bring my own bottle, that way I 100% know which water is mine. It's also good having your own bottle as most are big enough to put ice/lemon etc in - because for the life of me I cannot fit ice through the tiny spout of a single-use bottle.

4) Cardigan and hot water bottle
I used to freeze to death in the crew bunks on my break until someone told me they don't travel without their work cardigan and hot water bottle. When you first start out you have no idea how cold the bunks or a door can be - I once got a cold from sitting by a door and being so cold. You can always bring pj's and an extra blanket for the bunks if you fancy. A top tip in case you forget your hot water bottle is to make your own. Put hot (but not boiling) water in a water bottle and wrap it in some fluffy socks - voila, a DIY hot water bottle!

5) An overnight kit
It wasn't until I had a few friends who had unexpected night stops that I started packing an overnight kit. Even on the shortest of flights, you don't know whether your aircraft can go tech away from base so it's good to pack something just in case. I always pack my makeup/brushes, pj's, flip flops, toothbrush and spare underwear. You can definitely pack more but I find that's enough for me. It's also good to keep some things in your carry on in case your luggage in the hold gets lost - trust me, I know first hand.

6) Skin saviours
My skin was fairly nice until I started being crew. Now I get breakouts left right and centre - but I also get oily skin for the first time in my life. Tha's why I always pack a tea tree oil face mist to calm the breakouts and loose setting powder for the oiliness in my carry on. After breaks especially I feel my skin always needs a little help.
Tea tree toner:
Loose powder:

7) A book or kindle
Quite often now I get trips that just consist of sitting by a pool for a few days - it's a hard life. I never used to pack a book or anything because I thought 'well I can just go on my phone.' That was until I realised that a phone in 43-degree heat isn't perhaps the best idea. I just started reading 'The Perfect Girlfriend' (which is fab btw) and it's my current pool time read. It's also much nicer for my mind to read rather than just sitting there scrolling through social media - especially after a particularly long flight.

8) Snacks, snacks, snacks. 
They are my lifeline when I am jet-lagged and hungry at 3am down route. It is so nice to just have a cereal bar, a pot noodle or some porridge in your room when you're hungry rather than having to venture out to the hotel gift shop and pay $5 for a chocolate bar.

9) Good quality hand cream and lip balm
My hands and lips are the first things to dry out on the plane - mostly as I find myself washing my hands 100 times a flight. No passenger wants to see dry sore hands (and they don't feel nice for us either) and a good quality hand cream will ensure your hands feel super smooth all flight. Lipstick also dries my lips out a lot so lip balm is a must!
Hand cream:
Lip balm:

10) Fabric refresher
My uniform always smells like a plane when I get to the hotel and it's not nice. So, I always travel will a handy small spray bottle filled Astonish Fabric Refresher and it works a treat. It definitely makes putting your uniform on for the flight home much more pleasant. Also Astonish is a cruelty-free brand and most of their products are only £1 so win win!

Thank you for visiting my blog! If you have any suggestions for things to add to the list let me know in the comments below! Also, feel free to follow me on my Instagram: @laurensflyinglife. I show a lot of my crew life on there :)
Bye for now,
Lauren x

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