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5 Lipsticks I'm wearing this Autumn

As the colder months have begun to come in, I've found myself making more effort with my makeup. It's probably because there's not the problem of the 30-degree heat melting it all off. For today's post, I've included the top 5 lip colours I've been reaching for this week. I've also linked to where you can buy them where possible!

Lipsticks pictured:

The consistency of this lipstick is a bit peculiar. It's quite dry in texture, but the main plus is that it stays on for ages. It's a dark shade but you can get away with wearing it in the day-time as well as for an evening look. Perfect for Christmas parties!

The NYX Liquid Suedes are my all-time favourite. The consistency is moisturising, they last forever and the applicated makes life so much easier. I think everyone would be able to find a shade they love in this collection. 

I find the NYX Lingerie's very similar to the Liquid Suede, but perhaps not as moisturising. Nevertheless, like the Liquid Suedes, they stay on for a long time. 

This is the only 'crayon-type' lipstick I have. It's strange in consistency but I just love the colour. It's one of my go-to nudes all-year-round. 

Natual Collection Moisture Shine in Cedar
This lip shade is a great, cheap nude shade for everyday Autumn. It feels more like a tinted lip balm as it's not overly pigmented but does a fab job. 


What lipsticks are your Autumn staples? Let me know in the comments below!
Bye for now,
Lauren x

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