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10 things you'll realise during your first year at university

I am suddenly at the end of my first year at University - where have the past 8 months gone!? Once you move in halls and start living the 'uni life,' there are a few things you'll realise. I've compiled a list of the 10 things I have discovered since moving to Southampton. Hope you enjoy!

1) Freshers flu is the worst. Especially when all of your course mates and flatmates have it too- there's no escape. It will also take you a good month or so to finally feel better.

 photo giphy_zpsrwsk1kg2.gif

2) Use by dates don't really matter as much. Does it smell ok? Does it look ok? If yes, then go for it.

 photo emma-stone-gifs-eating-cutie-cupcake0406_zps5hvigfbp.gif

3) You can function on hardly any sleep. Who needs to sleep at night anyway? That's what number 4 is for.

 photo tumblr_mpc767eIqu1qfq2cko1_500_zpsbr73nejm.gif

4) NAPS ARE THE BEST. They will become your best friend. Feeling tired? Nap. Got work to do? Nap. Simple.

 photo 7277543_zpswcca7bny.gif

 5) You will miss your family more than you think. Especially when you're unwell, stressed, or when you're hungry and poor.

 photo tumblr_inline_n86rgtFKPU1rgpu9c_zpspgcqrfim.gif

6) Washing clothes takes forever, and isn't exactly cheap. Going back and forth from the laundry room is effort too. There's also the fear that your clothes will get nicked or that someone will say "are those your underwear on the floor?" after you've dropped them en route.

 photo 83974-George-Costanza-watching-laund-d6pJ_zpsov43afzr.gif

7) Receiving the parcel list is the happiest part of your day. An ASOS parcel can always make your day 1000x better.

 photo 65_zpsnzmnsanj.gif

8) Freshers fair will set you up with some pretty cool stuff. For example; a years supply of pens, a rape alarm, and the occasional stress ball (because what uni student doesn't need one of those?!)

 photo tumblr_inline_mucjukHhMX1rtpcz9_zpsxxoxopwf.gif

9) You're no Nigella Lawson or Gordon Ramsay - but that's ok. As long as you can cook pasta then you're sorted. It's also ok to burn toast and set the fire alarm off, you're not alone. (But don't admit it was you when everyone from your halls is standing outside in the freezing cold.)

 photo mhr6h0B_zpsclvbr9hg.gif

10) Your flatmates will become your family. You can go to them when you're sad, bored, or can't
sleep and they're always there for you.  

 photo did-we-just-become-best-friends-yep_zpsetu7jcuh.gif

Is there anything you'd like to add to the list? Comment below!

Bye for now!

Lauren xx


  1. Ah these are so true! I love the gifs!

    Serena /

  2. Haha these are great. The one about the food is so true, if it looks okay then might as well save money and just eat it lol


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