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Deep Sea Extract Moisturising Mask Review*

I was delighted to receive a package from Angela at Beauty Masks Limited today!

I was sent one of their Timeless Truth Facial  Masks, the Deep Sea Extract Moisturising Mask to be exact! I have naturally dry sensitive skin, and my skin was in need of some moisturising pamper time! I put it in the fridge before use to make it extra refreshing, but you could also put it in warm water for a more relaxing mask.

Tha mask aims to:
-Protect skim from damage
-Leave skin luminous and glowing

It certainly achieved all those!

-I first cleansed my skin with the No7 Soft & Soothed Gentle Cleanser

-The next step was to apply. This was simple to do. I removed the mask from the packet and plastic film, then smoothed onto my face

-I then sat for the full recommended 20 minutes and let the mask do its job.

There's no pretty way to look with a face mask on! haha

First impressions:
-There was a generous amount of serum in the packet. This meant that not only was there plenty of product on the mask for my face, but there was serum leftover to keep in the fridge and put on my face for another day. You're basically getting two uses out of one product!
-The mask was easy to apply and stayed on without any problems.

Once the mask was taken off:
-After the 15-20 minutes, my skin had soaked up all of the serum. This was great as I then knew that my skin would receive the full moisturising benefit.
-My skin was so smooth and glowing.
-The mask hadn't irritated my sensitive skin - something crucial for me.
- My skin felt like it had just received a facial. The mask was so relaxing and refreshing at the same time.

Where to buy?
Price of the mask I tried: £4.90

Other products in this range available:
-Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask
-Green Tea Phenol Soothing Mask
-Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask
-Multipeptide Calming Revitalising Mask

You can buy them individually or as a set of 5!

Thanks to Beauty Masks Limited for letting me try one of their masks!
Follow them on Twitter here: @TTBeautyMasks


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  1. hahahah loved this post you're freakin funny. I love pamper nights mmmm. Would be lovely if you could peek at my blog! :) <3


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