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Introducing!! + Discount Code

It's such a nice feeling when you find products that are good but won't cost mega £££'s. I had heard of 2true cosmetics but had never bought any before as I didn't know where sold them! A few weeks ago they were kind enough to send me a few things from their range to try out and let you guys know what I think!

They've recently launched their brand new website ( so it's now super easy to buy them :) Their range is priced from £1.99 so that's great for everyone, but especially those who don't like spending a lot (like me.)

Favourite products and why:
- My #1 product is definitely the 'WOW Volume' mascara. The brush is very similar to the Benefit 'They're Real' mascara. It makes me lashes longer and with more volume without making them look clumpy and gross. - £2:99
-At #2 I've chosen the nail varnishes. They're all 'Fast Dry' which for me is the main selling point of nail varnishes. I do not have the time to sit there for hours waiting for my nails to dry haha. - £1:99 each
-My #3 top product is the lipstick (which I have in the shade 2.) The lipsticks, and lipglosses, stay on for ages so you don't need to constantly reapply every time you have something to eat/drink. - £2:29 each

I would definitely recommend this brand to younger teenage girls who want to start trying out makeup but need affordable products! It reminds me of 'Natural Collection' but a much bigger range and better products.

They also do a 'Be Clear' range which is designed for younger skin. I understand that when you're younger its not good to wear makeup often. However, when girls get to the stage where they want to experiment with makeup, it's nice that there's a range of products that won't harm their skin :)

I can't wait to build up my collection of the products. Next to buy on my list are the Pro WOW Gloss Lips Pencils!

I also have a discount code if you want to buy a few products: X00418. You also get free delivery if you spend £20 or more which is fabbbbb :D

Let me know down below your favourite affordable makeup brands!

Bye for now,

Lauren xx


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