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5 Things You Should Bring To University With You

1) Painkillers and plasters - you'll need both after a night out. 

Painkillers will help you feel slightly less hungover in your early lectures, so stock up on them. If you're a girl especially, plasters are a good idea to help the blisters from your heels. Yes heels are great, but they're also a pain in the foot. The painkillers will also be good for when you catch freshers flu - which you will (sorry!)

2) Extension leads - because 2 plugs is not enough!

Last year in halls, I only had 2 plug sockets, which wasn't enough for my lamp, phone charger, laptop charger, and everything else. An extension lead (like this: will ensure you have enough plugs to power everything.

3) Toilet roll - don't rely on 'buying some once you're there.' 

After a long car journey to university from your hometown, there's a good chance that someone in your car will need a wee once you're there. And drip drying is not pretty.

4) Tin Foil - it saves washing up. 

Let's face it; students are lazy and we want to avoid washing up as much as we can. By putting tin foil on your baking tray, you won't really need to wash it up after you use it - the foil will take the dirt with it when you throw it away. Also, it's good for covering up half eaten food in the fridge.

5) I.D - otherwise freshers will not be happing for you.

Not only will you probably need I.D to prove to halls you are who you say you are, you'll need it for nights out! If the only I.D you have is your passport then perhaps it's a good idea to get a provisional drivers licence? Otherwise it will be a very expensive night out if you loose it.

Where are you going to university this year? Do you have anything to add to the list? Comment down below!!

Bye for now,

Lauren xoxo


  1. Definitely a good list. Though I didn't realise a lot of schools, apparently, didn't issue student IDs. Obviously if you want to drink you'll need a government ID, but for other purposes the schools I've attended and visited (and had friends attend, etc) all had their own school IDs. Interesting!

    I would definitely add a water bottle to the list, for a lot of reasons: the obvious, health/hydration; convenience (you can fill up in meal halls at some places, or just fill up from water fountains around campus); or, for alcohol as a lot of places don't allow people going around see-through and open alcohol bottles.


  2. Very much needed right now! I've just started and it's all a bit crazy! X

    What a Vegan eats in a day over on-

  3. Great tips! Extension leads are essential for uni! There never seem to be enough plugs! I'd add a mirror to this list as some uni rooms may not have one.

  4. So true about painkillers and plasters! Haha I went through so many packets of paracetamol in first year. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? :)

    The Fashion Road


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