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A month or so ago a company called Born Pretty Store, based in Singapore, contacted me to ask if I want to review their site and a few products. After trying the products out, today I am writing that review!

I chose a 'Brush Egg' which is a brush cleaner, and some eyelashes (I tend to go through them quite quickly so I was happy to see there was more than one pair in the pack!

I am always honest when writing the reviews, and I would never review products that I wasn't interested in.

First here's a little bit about the site:

  • 30 Day money back gaurentee
  • Free worldwide shipping!
  • Fast delivery - mine took about 3 weeks
  • They tell more than 10,000 products so you're bound to find something to meet your specific taste!
  • You can pay through PalPal - I never buy something from a site unless there's a PayPal option as it's much more safe.
  • Everything is so so cheap! (and good quality too.)

Product name: Brush Egg

The good

  • It cleaned my brushes so well! - I am actually going to do a 'How to clean your makeup brushes' post using this product.
  • It stayed on my finger fairly well whilst I was using it.
  • It wasn't too rough on my brushes - it didn't make any parts of the brush 'fall out.'
  • Only thing I can think of is that if you have super long fingers it wouldn't stay on your hands too well. I have small hands so it fit quite snug. 

Repurchase? I wouldn't really need to buy another one of these! It seems durable and good quality. 

Where can I buy?  for £1.95!


Product name: Eyelashes

The good

  • They fit my eyes well, they weren't too big.
  • They aren't too 'butterfly' like. I don't like super big extravagant lashes. 
  • They stayed on all day when I wore them last!
  • The lashes don't come with eyelash glue - luckily I have some spare.
  • they might not last as long as ones from Eyelure - but you're paying such a low price that it's expected haha.

Repurchase? Definitely! Next time I would probably try a different style to change it up a bit. 

Where can I buy? for £1.83

Good news! with the code BERRH10 you can get 10% off! So that's free shipping and 10% off - you're welcome haha.

Bye for now,


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