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A few weeks ago a lovely woman called Andrea messaged me asking if I wanted to try some Nu Skin products. Andrea was lovely enough to send me 3 products and today i'm going to review them.

I was meant to attend a Nu Skin bloggers event in London last month was unfortunately unable to go, so when she messaged me I was over the moon! Can we all take a moment to appreciate the lovely Christmas themed wrapping too?! #ilovechristmas

Her page can be found here: :)

Product name: Glacial Marine Mud Mask

The Good:
  • Having sensitive skin, i'm often scared of trying products but it was great with my skin!
  • The facemask will last for ages. You only need a small amount to cover your whole face.
  • It didn't necessarily clear up my bad skin but I wasn't really expecting it to. It's more of a relaxing 'treat' for you face.
Yes! I love it.

Product name: AP24 Whitening Toothpaste
The Good:
  • It tastes nice! I was kind of expecting a horrible scent and taste but was pleantly surprised.
  • I have started to notice a slight difference in the whiteness of my teeth but once I start using it more regularly I think that will help.
  • The whitening toothpaste does have slightly less fluoride than a regular toothpaste. You still have to brush with your normal toothpaste - I use Colgate. But I don't mind too much!  
I'm not too sure. I think in around a month's time I will decide - once I can see real results. 

Product name: AP24 Anti Plaque Breath Spray 
The Good:
  • I can feel it work - if that makes sense? haha. The application is to spray 3 times on the tongue and then rub it around your teeth. You can feel it goes over all of your teeth and it feels like i've just brushed them - smells like it too.
  • It doesn't last too long - but that's probably because I eat/drink too often. lol.
Yes, definitely!

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know below!

Bye for now,


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