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My Favourite Nude Eyeshadows Ft. Too Faced

I've recently been wearing more makeup on a daily basis. I've been working on my eyeshadow skills and worked out what colours look right on me. After months of testing and trying I've found an eyeshadow palette that works perfectly for an everyday natural eyeshadow look!

I picked up this Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette just under two years ago. I bought it after a sales assistant in Debenhams persuaded me that I needed it in my life (typical Lauren.) I didn't really use it much until around 6 months ago. I got more into eyeshadow and enjoyed wearing a natural eye every day. This palette is perfect. It can create a really simple look, and can also be dolled up to an evening look.

The shaddows are all easy to lend together as long as you use a proper base. I like to use concealer as my eyeshaddow base and then use nude coloured shaddow to set it.

 All of the colours are pigmented, and you don't need to spend aaaages buiding up the colour. Though keeping this in mind, a little goes a long way with these, trust me. 

This palette also lasts for a long time. I've had it for a while and use it almost everyday. Don't get me wrong, the shaddows are slowing getting to the 'hitting pan' stage but slowly being the oporative word. 

One of the great things about this palette is how small it is. There's no unnessecary packaging so it's quite compact. This makes it easier when you're travelling. It's the perfect palette to fit in your makeup bag. 

Too Faced also sell a palette that looks very similar named the 'Neutral Eyes' palette. Both of the palettes are very similar, but the Neutral eyes palette includes darker shades so this would be for someone who wants more of an 'everyday glam' rather than 'everyday natural.' 

Where can you purchase it? 

What are your favourite eyeshaddow palettes? Let me know in the comments below!

Bye for now,

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