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Ways To Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home

I'm finally at the stage of feeling at home in my university bedroom. It's taken numerous 'colour scheme' changes and trips to Ikea but I'm finally there. Up until moving to university I'd never actually had a room of my own, instead I shared with my younger sister. Having my own room at university has finally given me a chance to make my room personal to me.

When I arrived at university I was given a blank canvas; a bed, desk, wardrobe, and a chest of draws. I knew in order to not feel homesick I'd have to make my room feel 'homely.'

For me, I actually enjoyed moving my furniture around making my room my own. I decided to share how I achieved my 'home from home.'

Tip 1: Cushions

The more cushions, the comfier your bed will be. Comfy bed = comfy you. Cushions also make your bed look less basic and dull. 

Your cushions don't have to be all the same colour, just colours that go well together. 

Tip 2: Fairy Lights

A necessity to every girls room - whether at uni or at home. Fairy lights make your room look cosy, especially in the evenings and in winter.

Put your fairy lights on during the evenings whilst watching tv or doing work...

... and when you're laying in bed about to fall asleep.

Tip 3: Attaching things to your wall (in a way that won't damage the walls)

It's a known rule that you can't screw things into your wall at uni, however, good old Sellotape also does the trick!

I used Sellotape to stick up two love hearts and a christmas decoration but you can stick up whatever you want!

I placed them above my bed as it was the only 'bare wall' of my room...

... the hearts also have depth to them.

Tip 4: Photos string

I'm sure you won't forget what your friends and family look like during your time at uni, but it's nice to have a reminder of your memories with them.

I used a long piece of ribbon and a hole puncher to make a 'photo string.' By threading my photos through the ribbon and attaching it to either side of my pin board, I now have a long line of photos that stay in place. 

You can put tinsel around the fairy lights/photo string at Christmas time...

... and the ribbon is nearly invisible!

Tip 5: Make use of your pin board - put things on it that interest you/ help you to keep organised!

I print out a brief description of my assignments, date due, and submission type (either online or in person.) I printed out green ticks for when my assignments are handed in - believe me, you'll feel a lot better looking at it after you've put a tick next to it.

I also made little 'pockets of stuff.' They hold my club card vouchers/washing machine card/receipts etc. I will 100% loose all those things if I don't put them in a pocket. 

One assignment to go...

... and the pockets took me literally 5 minutes.

Tip 6: Fake Flowers

I bought these flowers from a local £1 store. They never die, and you don't have to remember to water them - bonus. 

Flowers bring life to your room and that means making it more homely. You can place them anywhere - windowsill, desk etc. I placed mine on a little bed side table I bought from ikea for £9!

You can make the colour of the flowers match the colour scheme of your room...

... and yes I realise there's a teddy there.
Tip 7: Make use of the space you have!
Even though the space may be small.

I use makeup almost every day, and there's always things to remember. So, instead of placing books on the biggest shelf, I put things on there that I will actually use on a daily basis. 

On my top shelf there is all my paperwork, uni books, an folders etc. I put them in little boxes from Ikea - 6 boxes for £12!

Put on your shelves things you will need/use everyday...

... and maybe a quote to look at whilst getting ready.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! :)

Bye for now, Lauren 


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