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I don't know about you, but whenever I walk into a shop I literally can't help myself, and I always end up buying something. I'm also more inclined to buy something new if it's a new range, if it looks pretty etc. That's the reasoning behind these 5 purchases. I have bought a few other things in the past month, but these are my favourite buys of the past month!

MAC Lipstick in Velvet Teddy
This is every girls staple nude lipstick. My housemate Katie has this as well as many of my other friends, and everything they wear it it makes me want it more. I went into MAC wanting a new lipstick but not knowing what colour I wanted. I told the makeup artist I wanted a nude lip that I could wear everyday but also on a night out and this is the colour she handed me - fate or what?! Obviously I had to buy it, and it hasn't disappointed. I love it.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
I have never been able to find a concealer that can successfully cover my horrible green and purple bags under my eyes - until now. I originally picked up the MAC Studio Finish Concealer, but after the ever so lovely MAC lady asked what I wanted to conceal, she suggested that this one would be better! Once she put it under my eyes I was hooked. It works amazingly. Another fabulous point would be that a little goes a long way!

Primark Sweet Vanilla and Coconut Candle
I go through a candle a week (yes I'm addicted.) Hence the reason why I buy cheap candles. This candle is a nice subtle wintery scent that isn't too Christmassy. (Is it bad that I've already bought Christmas candles ready for December?) Ive been using this candle everyday for a week and hardly any of it has gone - it seems to be lasting super well!

H&M Beauty High Impact Eye Colour
I couldn't really get a photo good enough to show how shiny and pigmented this eyeshadow it, but believe me when I say it's fabulous. H&M have only recently released a makeup line as far as i'm aware, but their stuff looks pretty good - reasonably priced too. I aim to build up a small collection of their eyeshadows!

MAC Eyeshadow in the shade Brun Satin
I used to used wax to fill in my brows but they used to look too bold and slug like - honestly. I went into MAC (surprise surprise) and asked the lady what she suggests, which was this product! I can't stress how perfect the colour is for my brows. I'm also able to build up thickness to how much I want - something I couldn't do with wax. After I fill in my brows I conceal underneath them with the Pro Longwear Concealer and this gives them the 'Fleek' look that I want. 

What are your favourites from the past month? Leave a comment down below!

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