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I seem to be having the travelers bug at the moment and have already started planning where I want to go to next. I've decided to do a post on the 5 places I want to visit next and a little bit about why and what I want to do there!

1) Australia, Sydney
Hopefully I will be visiting here next year. My boyfriend and I were originally going to go for Christmas this year - but money was just too tight! We've found it's half the price to go in April so we are going then instead (yay!) How could you say no to the relaxed lifestyle and sandy beaches?

2) Netherlands, Amsterdam
I've seen so many pictures of Amsterdam from friends who have travelled there and it seems so beautiful. Yes, originally I was naive and assumed that Amsterdam was purely just the Red Light District but thankfully I am mistaken. I'd love to visit the Anne Frank House - it's a must go to there! I love history and being there will help me understand her life so much more. My biggest wish is to cycle around exploring the culture and the food. 

3) Hungary, Budapest
There is a Budapest trip with my University course for next year - and it's quite cheap! Yay. If I don't manage to go on the uni trip though, I'd love to go with my boyfriend, my sister, my bestfriend... basically anyone who will go with me haha. Like Amsterdam, I have seen many friends go there and it seems like such a lovely place. I'm the type of gal who goes on holiday and prefers to explore rather than lay by the pool all day!

4) New York - hopefully at Christmas time!
It seems like the ultimate girl fantasy is to visit New York at Christmas time - and typically I am no different. The thought of wearing a big fur coat whilst walking through Times Square or Central Park in the snow gives me shivers. Winter is my favourite time of year, and why not spend it in a city that seems even more beautiful at that time?

5) Bora Bora, Island in French Polynesia
This is the type of place I would want to go on my honeymoon. The ultimate wish is to stay at Four Seasons - a girl can dream ay? To be able to have your own secluded little hut above the sea seems like a dream. Ultimate peace and relaxation - just what you need after planning a wedding. It seems like wherever you look in Bora Bora, it's beautiful.

Have you been to any of these places? Where else do you think I should go?

Bye for now,


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