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Food review: JB's American Diner in Brighton

Last Saturday I went to Brighton to help my friend Grace film some footage for her Final Major Project. We decided to make a day of it. We had a walk around, shopped a bit and grabbed FOOD.

Grace' burger obsession is rubbing off on me - and we went for burgers. I'd never been to JB's in Brighton but grace has. She loved it, so we decided to have lunch there! I ordered the Classic chicken Burger and added bacon as an option.

Atmosphere 8/10:
The decor is amazing, you can tell so much effort went into making the restaurant look authentic. There wasn't a blank space on the wall which you'll be able to see from the pictures. It was great. The servers were also so friendly. They always had a smile on their face and the service was super fast. When we arrived we were told there was a 25-minute wait, but in the end, we were only waiting for 10 minutes. The food didn't take long to come out either.

Food 6/10:
The food was good in terms of portion size. I felt like I was nice and full after eating - and I was starving so had a big appetite. Sauces such as BBQ, ketchup, mayo etc. were all free. A lot of places I visit charge for BBQ sauce. Since I'm addicted to BBQ sauce, I was happy to load my burger up with it for free. the burger itself was full of flavour. The chicken wasn't dry which was nice, but the chips were. they seemed like they had been a bit over cooked and they didn't really have much flavour. However, once I put a load of salt on they tasted fine.

Price: 6/10:
I bought the Classic Chicken burger. Under the beef burger menu, there was an option to add bacon for 65p, so I asked if I could add bacon to my chicken burger and the waitress said yes. I was a bit annoyed when we got the receipt and saw I had been charged £1.75 for bacon in my burger, but I don't like to make a fuss so I didn't say anything. Safe to say I won't be adding bacon to my burger in the future. My burger itself (which came with chips and salad) cost only £8.65 which I thought was a great price. I'm used to paying around £10 for a burger meal at other restaurants.

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I also vlogged the day which you can check out here:


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