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Primark Master Eye Palette (Review & Swatches) | Lauren's Lifestyle

Hello everyone! Long time no see. I've been wanting to write this blog post since the day I started using this palette - the Primark Master Eye Palette. Here's what I think:

I wasn't actually looking for a new eyeshadow palette when I saw this. I noticed the colours and thought that it would be great for the daytime as well as the night-time. When I saw it was £5 I was sold! I had never bought any makeup products from Primark I wasn't expecting much - after all, it's super cheap. However, I was pleasantly surprised. 

The palette:
The good:
The colours are super pigmented - considering the price. 
As I said earlier, the palette can be used for daytime look or night-time. There's a mixture of natural shades and more glitzy colours. 
I have been using this palette for around 2 months and the palette still has plenty of product left. As the colours are so pigmented, you really don't need much product each time. 

The not-so-good:
The only bad thing I could find with this palette was that there was a bit of fall out - but only with the matte shades. When I put some product on my brush there is a lot that falls off, but I just tap the brush on the side of the packaging and it's fine. 

Price: £5
Rating: 3/5
Where can I buy? I got mine from Primark in East Sussex but i'm sure they sell it in most stores!


The colours are from the top left to the bottom right of the palette - left to right on my arm. Hope that makes sense! I do feel like the swatches don't really do the palette justice. Also, bear in mind my arm is un-primed! On the eyes, the colour is a lot better. Keep your eyes peeled for a YouTube video using this palette soon! 
P.s did you know, I also have a YouTube channel? You can check it out here:

Are there any Primark products you guys recommend? Let me know in the comments below! 
Bye for now,

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