How I cleared up my skin! ft. Magnitone

I wouldn't say that I suffer with super bad break outs, but I rarely have clear skin. I have dry sensitive skin too which makes it harder when buying products! 

I was sent the Magnitone Lucid around a week ago, and am amazed with the results!! It aims to give "Softer, clearer, + brighter skin in just 7 days." I for one can say it keeps to its word.

To use, just apply a small amount of your normal face wash (I've shown the 2 I use above) and gently work into the skin. 

Product name: Magnitone Lucid in the colour Blue 

The good

  • 1 charge lasts 2 weeks! This is great as you can go away for a few days and not have to take the charger with you.
  • Light and portable.
  • It has 2 settings - normal and sensitive (which is great for skin like mine!!) 
  • Within 2 days I could see a massive difference. My skin was less sensitive, have virtually no spots, and wasn't as red. 
  • It only takes 1 minute a day. The aim is to spend 20 seconds on a third of your face; such as forehead, left cheek, and right cheek. The Magnitone will beep after every 20 seconds, and will automatically stop when you're done. 


  • I have found no faults so far with this product. I guess the only thing I would say is that I wish I could use it for longer as it feels like a mini massage every time I use it! 
  • The Magnitone is slightly pricey at £69.99, but as it lasts for years, I think it's worth it!

Repurchase? I wouldn't really need to repurchase but I will be buying more heads (which you replace every 12 weeks) 

Where can I buy? USE THE CODE LaurenB20 FOR 20% OFF.  

Bye for now,

Lauren xx 

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