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Maybelline Colour Drama Velvet Lip Pencils

Every time I go into Boots my eyes are drawn to these. They are the Maybelline Colour Drama Velvet Lip Pencils and today I picked up 3!

I decided to do a blog post on them because of how much I love them. They're all very pigmented which is great. One thing I would say is that as the stick itself it quite thick, it is a bit harder to get a good outline on your lips. However, you could always use your finger or a lip brush - which I will probably do next time I apply them.

The first shade is called Berry Much (which I mainly got because of the name hehe).

The next shade is Nude Perfection. (I am obsessed with nude shades recently)

The last shade is Light It Up. (as if I needed another red shade)

There are a few other colours available too, you can check them out here: 

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now,
Lauren x



  1. I'm definitely going to need to pick these up! Each of the shades look so good on you!

    xo, Liz

  2. these look so good, thinking about getting that nude colour it´s really nice!

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  3. I have seen quite a lot of people talking about these recently! They look great! :)
    Jennie Emma

    1. Yeah they're great, and really worth the money :) xx

  4. Thanks for posting this, I'm definitely going to have to get one! They look great on your lips :)

  5. Hoping these make their way over to the US soon! Not that I need more lip products, but these look amazing!

    xo, Norah


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