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New Favourite Fake Tan: NKD SKN*

Since around 2013 I have been experimenting with different fake tans. I'm lucky enough to tan quite easily, but throughout the winter months (and even in the summer as I live in England) it can be difficult to tan - and that's where the fake stuff comes in. 

NKD SKN was nice enough to send me some of their fake tan mousse to try out; and I looooove it!
Here's why:

Product name: NKD SKN Tinted Tan Mousse 

Shade I used: Dark (I think next time I would go for medium but this shade worked well too) 

The good
  • It is odourless so you don't have that horrible 'fake tan cheesy smell' 
  • Dries within a matter of seconds
  • It easy to blend so you're not left with patchy parts! 
  • It lasts for a number of days - the bottle claims it lasts up to 7 days. (I applied it on my legs 4 days ago and my legs still look tanned - even after numerous showers)
  • It's easily buildable - I re-applied around 2 days after first application to get the shade I wanted.

  • The only con I found was that if I splashed water on the tanned area within the first half hour after applying, it did wash off on that patch - but this didn't bother me too much as I just blended it in. 

Repurchase? 100%. I found no real faults so no reason why I wouldn't get it again!



You can purchase this (along with their other products) here:

It's also sold in Superdrug!

What are your favourite fake tans??

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